The Benefits of Using a Loadboard to Find Jobs

Jim McCormack

A problem that is especially difficult for beginning truckers is searching for good pay hauling jobs.  Some try contacting various companies but seasoned veterans in the trucking area are either permanently employed by a company,  use a load board, freight broker, or other means to find jobs that are well paying and furnish continual employment.

One well-known freight board site is found at  This site offers numerous trucking tools that benefit carriers, brokers, and shippers.  Always seeking improvement, at a recent trade show they introduced a method of "Controlled Posting" which emphasizes "Quality Calls Over Quantity".

This new technique allows brokers to list carrier requirements.  This is of great benefit to truckers as, if they do not meet these requirements time is not lost making inquiries about a posted load.  This is also of benefit to the broker or company as they receive calls only from those who meet these posted specifications.

This company was formed in 2003 and uses the Internet, together with high tech, to maintain information regarding trucks and loads.  Working throughout North America, their members are kept informed regarding information concerning companies offering loads and truckers who can be contacted.  This is a type of matching service that has proven beneficial to everyone involved in on-road freight shipping.

Since the service is widespread, it is easy to find available loads regardless of where you are located in the country.  In addition, it provides information regarding load and truck searches for a monthly fee.  These fees are $45 per month for premium service and $35 for standard service.  Details regarding what is offered under these plans can be found at their Internet site.  Truckers will be interested in their fast load and truck information, credit reports, compliance issues, mileage and routing, load payment rates, instant load and truck matching, among other things.

There is good money available for owner-operator truckers once the right technique is developed for matching loads with companies that are reliable and pay a decent rate.  Using sites such as is one way to achieve this end.