Where to Look for Good Trucking Jobs and Other Benefits

Jim McCormack

Tractor owner-operators are starting to come into demand.  As a result, there are a number of companies who are offering various incentives to attract new employees.  These companies are not only presenting sign-on bonuses but other incentives as well.  When starting out or looking for a new trucking job like those listed here it always pays to check out the various companies.  Often there is a sign off date to these propositions so that should be noted.

One example is Atlas Van Lines.  This company is not only offering a $5,000 bonus for 100 operators who sign on by May lst, but offers other benefits as well.  They pan an average of $1.52 per mile, which includes the fuel surcharge as well as payment on loaded and empty miles.  No-touch freight drivers average $1.64 per mile.  In addition, they have a number of benefits including dental, health, and life insurance.  They also offer a lease-to-loan program for drivers wishing to own their own truck or upgrade.

Gordon Sevig Trucking Company is looking for drivers in the Midwest and Northeastern states.  As a dry van, No-Touch Freight Carrier they offer a safety and mileage incentive, idle time bonus, annual mileage increase, and .37 cents per mile.  Their benefits include medical, short and long-term disability, medical, and life insurance.  In addition, there is a paid vacation, electronic logs, and others.  This company has been in business for 27 years.

These are just two of the many companies that are looking for good drivers of all types of trucks.  Some are just looking for drivers while others are looking for owner-operators.  Some are flat bed jobs while others are van or refrigerated units.  When looking for a trucking job there are specific things that should be determined.

Continual driving or just on call

If job is for a driver or owner-operator

Rate of pay

Any incentives, such a safety and mileage

Any bonuses

Amount of mileage allowance

If there is a paid vacation

Benefits such as health, dental, life Insurance

Required down time

Type of loads

Long haul or numerous drops

Drop and hook trailer delivery

Pay on loaded and empty miles

In addition to the above list it is important to determine the reliability of the company.  How long have they been in business?  Are there negative reviews on line from former drivers?  What is the Better Business rating?  In the later case, it is possible to go on line and, if they are a member, there will be a list of any complaints filed against them.

Once you have found a good company to sign on with it is of course important that your rig be in good condition.  Excellent vehicles are now available at online sites, which will provide transportation for many miles without needing any kind of repair.  If your truck or trailer is in need of replacement looking at what is available online will be to your benefit.  With the low interest rates currently available now is the time to make any upgrade change deemed necessary.