About us

Atlanta Truck Deals is pleased to provide relevant information to individuals involved in the trucking and logistics industry. Atlanta is an important city in the national network due to the meeting of Interstates 20, 75, 85, 285; CSX and Norfolk Southern rail yards; Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport; and several pipelines. In addition, Atlanta constantly sees goods funneled in from the port cities of Brunswick and Savannah to be disseminated across the country. Atlanta is truly a hub of logistic transportation for the south-eastern United States.


Finding Atlanta truck deals is beneficial to every tier of the transportation industry. A driver able to climb behind the wheel of a quality semi is able to bring those goods to the people that need them or will continue to ship them forward. A semi that breaks down often is of no use to anyone, including that driver who is losing their wages by needing to stand around, wait for a tow truck, and arrange repairs. This great information age allows virtually anyone to research what they need to be informed about their next purchase.


Our goal is to bring Atlanta drivers closer to quality trucks at great prices and up-to-date information to stay abreast of current developments in the industry. Atlanta Truck Deals draws listings for quality used truck and trailer sales from established parent site Trucker to Trucker.


Staying current with changes or additions of regulations is of the utmost importance to remain compliant. Ignorance of the information is never viewed as a reasonable excuse nor will it absolve the individual of responsibility. Trucking industry representatives lobby hard to ensure the interests of the industry are protected in the political arena. Atlanta Truck Deals hopes to be a provider of such important information to help protect the interests of fleets and drivers everywhere.


Connecting drivers with quality rigs and trailers ensures we are doing our part to facilitate success for our guests. We aim to provide information on the industry, insurance, and developments in regards to the institution or amending of regulations. If you are seeking information that is not present on Atlanta Truck Deals, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you to address your inquiry.